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'The Curse Of The Black Spot' Attacks DOCTOR WHO (Season/Series Six) This Week!! READER REACTION HERE!!




Merrick here...

Saturday brings us the premiere of "The Curse Of The Black Spot" - the third episode of DOCTOR WHO Season/Series Six.  We're almost half-way to that mid-season cliffhanger/break, which will be a horrendously cruel and torturous respite by my reckoning.  

"Curse" finds The Doctor & Co. on a 17th Century pirate ship and confronted by...The Siren.  This is  something of a stand-alone episode from my understanding (i.e. not as focused on the overall seasonal/series arc that had been established in the two part Season/Series opener).

The Reader Reaction Talkback below is now open for business.  So have at it, and have fun!





We're looking forward to WHOvians near and far conversing about  all things WHO via the Talkback below.  

Accordingly, I'd expect a significant amount of  "Curse of the Black Spot" SPOILAGE to start rolling in 'round late morning/early afternoon  U.S. time (Saturday May 7) -  which is natural as it will broadcast in the U.K. a number of hours before it appears here in the U.S. on BBC America.  

So, as far as this Talkback goes...

Readers from U.S. and other territories?  If you wanna stay virginal  regarding "Curse" until you've seen it for may wish to tread very carefully herein after mid-morning U.S. time, as SPOILERS may well be afoot and we won't be doing anything to discourage them after it hits in the U.K.

So there you have it.  Enjoy the show...



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See DOCTOR WHO  Season/Series Six Episode 1  - "The Impossible Astronaut"  - in HD HERE and standard def HERE.  

See "Day of The Moon" - the second installment of the season premiere linked above - in HD HERE and standard def HERE.  



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