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The X-MEN: FIRST CLASS International trailer is superior to the domestic!

Hey folks, Harry here...

This just became available for embed via YouTube...  but as I've been watching the trailer... and the new one that came out domestically yesterday - I began to think about everything we've heard about this latest X-MEN installment from Matthew Vaughn, with Bryan Singer as Producer - and if you think about what they've said they want to do from here on out...  it has me thinking.

The problem with the initial X-MEN franchise was that it started in the here and now, in a world that didn't seem to really be incredibly involved in mutant affairs yet.   But look at this trailer...

Here we have the Cuban Missile Crisis - and Mutants being thrust in the middle of it all.   When the Cuban Missile Crisis came about my great grandfather got a backhoe and in a matter of days constructed an underground bunker at his ranch that had it's own well water, food stocks for months and slept 22 (all the hands that worked on the ranch) - we all know or perhaps have heard of the stories about families doing various crazy things out of the fear of the Soviets.

Now imagine if suddenly - a new and very real SUPER POWER made itself known.  Watch this trailer.   We've got a Soviet armada and a U.S. armada out there.   A shit ton of missiles get fired - and we know Magneto is going to at least stop them...  but then there's that shot of a missile hitting a ship...   what if Magneto turns the missiles back and hits all the ships that sent them...  with a wave of his hand.   What if Kennedy reveals this to the world - what happens in history?

Now - Singer has said he wants the next film to take place in the 70's.   Then the next to take place in the 80's.

What if...  just what if...   they're creating a full fledged mutant film history.   Re-writing the way things go.   It is with this opportunity that you can actually build the larger fantasy universe of the Mutant story.   Does Nixon unleash the Sentinels?   Or will it be Ford or Carter?   Or will they save that for Reagan, who I absolutely could imagine building giant mutant hunting robots...  he did found our real STAR WARS initiative after all.   

This film opens up the possibility of reforging the world we live in and with a series of films - realizing what we've kind of always wanted to see - which is that alternate timeline of history where mutants are a part of the equation.  

That's genuinely exciting.   Dontcha think?

Anyway - here's the International Trailer...

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