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The Winner Of The SUCKER PUNCH Mash-Up Contest!

Nordling here.

Yeah, I know, I'm behind.  I've had various personal, professional, and medical issues keep this from being posted, but I've gotten it all squared away and I'm going to post the winner of the SUCKER PUNCH Mash-Up Contest from a few weeks back.

Keep in mind, this was my decision, and mine alone.  I'm going to post several pictures I received, and they were all interesting, and some were just amazing.  I didn't get as many entries on this as I would have liked, but that's okay.  I want to showcase some geek art, and I hope you have as much fun looking over these people's work as I did.

First up is Neil Cook, who wasn't eligible to win because he's a good friend of mine, but I enjoyed his picture so much I wanted to share it with you all.  His mashup is Lovecraft meets Victorian England meets steampunk mech, and I thought it was pretty awesome, myself.  Reminded me of Mike Mignola:

Dig the R'lyeh's Bar.

This next one I enjoyed - the Little Tramp by way of Stanley Kubrick, by Jeff Keglovitz:

I'd pay good money to see this TV Show, courtesy of Cody Schibi:

This next one by Antony Quong's kinda amazing.  I really like the evil looking mouse on the top - I have no idea what this movie would be about, but I'd see it, no question:

This next one features a new character in the serial killer catalog, one I'm not entirely sure Disney would approve of (or Casper fans either), courtesy of Bruce Parker:

These final three were the ones I looked at the longest.  These are my personal favorites of the whole contest, so I'll post the first two, and then the final one as the winner.

Trevor Quong's NIGHT OF THE LIVING ELVES: THE MUSICAL.  I can't imagine what songs would be in this, but I'd hope the snowman gets a good one:

These next two I really struggled with about which one should win.  They're both really funny and focused.  But I gotta go with my gut on it, and so, second place is:

John Lennon IS Gollum.  Frodo IS Yoko.  Thanks to Mike Groves.  His tag line for the email was "They're taking the Beatles to Isengard!" and I could totally hear it in Ringo's voice for some reason.  Really loved this and this belongs on a T-shirt:

This next one also mashes up a musical group with a huge franchise.  Now, I'm not saying that Flight of the Conchords are better than the Beatles.  But I really loved this picture by Brian Gilles and I think it just edges out the Beatles/LOTR mashup, but barely.  Both are wonderful works, however.  So congratulations to Brian Gilles; he wins the ART OF SUCKER PUNCH Book!

Thank you to everyone for participating.  This was a lot of fun, and I'll be throwing another contest in the near future.  I'll just say this - you need to fill your hands, you sons-of-a-bitch!

Nordling, out.

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