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Aliens spotted on the Prometheus set!

Ahoy, squirts! Quint here. This should be kind of non-new since Ridley Scott's Prometheus is in the "Alien" universe, but just how involved seems to change every week. At first it was a direct prequel about the space jockeys, then it (xeno)morphed into a totally unrelated movie then no-no-no it's in the same universe, just not a direct prequel.

So whatever it changes into next week, there's been confirmation that the familiar Alien design is back in some shape or form via

From their source:

"Though security on the set is very tight with the good weather, dock doors have been open and cast and crew have been enjoying lunch outdoors. I can confirm seeing 3 aliens having lunch. Not the whole costume but blueish costumes and the unmistakable heads hanging around their shoulders. The alien heads were the same shape but no markings, only a plane bronze colour. As for the suits black boots and shoulder pads the rest was a Chelsea blue body suit could be for SFX, all the sets around the back of the bond stage have huge green chromokey maybe that's a clue. I have witnessed foam cut outs of unmistakable aliens all cut in half lengh ways so they could be in the floor walls etc and very much from the original film."

If you visit their site there's more info on some of the sets that's kind of geektastic.

They also note that two other cast members have been found out: Emun Elliot, playing a character called Chance, and Benedict Wong playing a character called Ravel.

Ridley Scott playing in the Alien universe again, no matter how much or how little, is very exciting for me. I hope he's as fired up about it as I am. Would love to see another fantastic Alien film again. It's been so long I almost forget what they look like...

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