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Here's a fantastic THE DEVIL'S DOUBLE exclusive one-sheet debut!!!

Hey folks, Harry here...

I'm mulling over my review on THE DEVIL'S DOUBLE, a film that Lionsgate acquired at Sundance this year - and one that Quint liked there quite a bit.   I've begun nicking the film as "SCARFACE OF ARABIA" and it really does fit.  Uday Hussein was a crazy mutherfucker from every account I've ever read.   Uday was also quite the movie nerd, so I bet he was a fan of SCARFACE - because if anything in this amazingly insane story about Saddam's W.   Well, technically it isn't firmly upon Uday, but his body double that would stand in whenver Uday wanted or needed.   His witnessing is kind of astonishing.   Lee Tamahori does a great job on this.  It rocks like SCARFACE, though perhaps not quite that iconic.   But who knows, maybe this could catch on.   Dominic Cooper's performance is my fave of this very short year thus far, but this Summer film is one unlike the others - and a welcome break from all the 4 quad entertainment.   

Now this poster just sort of cements the notion.   The film is never exactly that gaudy, but Uday does have golden weapons of death.   Love this poster - and I love this movie...


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