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Leigh Whannell Has COOTIES!

Nordling here.

Although I think INSIDIOUS has problems with the third act, I chalk that up to the film hitting the ceiling of its budget rather than any problems with the script.  Even so, I think for the budget, it's remarkably successful, in profit and in execution.  It's a fun horror ride, and I think Leigh Whannell's script is smart, funny, and suitably creepy when it needs to be.

I don't know if this film would ever happen, but the plot and the title were so intriguing to me that I had to write it up.  At a recent INSIDIOUS Q&A, reported by Bleeding Cool, Whannell talked about a recent script he pitched called COOTIES:

I actually just wrote a comedy about a zombie virus that breaks out in a primary school but only effects people who haven’t been through puberty. There’s all these eight or nine year olds running around and the teachers are holed up inside the school. And the title of the film is…? Cooties. That’s just an out and out comedy.

I love that idea - kiddie zombies attacking their school.  We've seen enough zombie movies these days that any fresh take on the genre is welcome.  Besides, who hasn't wanted to bash the brains of some annoying brat?  I could even see sequels - at a Justin Bieber concert, at Disney World... the possibilities are endless.  Obviously this would have to be played for laughs, and I can see the protest lines forming even now.  If you inject a little social commentary into it, you have the potential for something that could be as funny and as important as SHAUN OF THE DEAD.  I hope someone sees this for that potential and makes it.  With Whannell's track record, and with a reasonable budget, I don't see how this could lose.

Nordling, out.

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