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A film called BORIS AND BELA... and yes it is about Lugosi and Karloff

There is a project currently floating about out there entitled BORIS AND BELA. It's about Boris Karloff and Bela Lugosi when they were at their peak, in terms of their careers. So I imagine that would be late thirties/early forties. I don't know the plotline right now, but I do know who the producers are thinking of in terms of casting. For Karloff... they are thinking of casting Jeremy Irons... which I think is absolutely perfect. However, for Bela Lugosi... the word is that they are thinking of casting Gabriel Byrne. Now I like Gabriel Byrne... and sure Martin Landau didn't look anything really like Lugosi in ED WOOD either... but... you know... If I were casting Lugosi I think I'd have to go with Kevin Spacey... he's got the right shaped head... he's a brilliant actor with fantastic mimic abilities... and he's got that stare bit down. But Gabriel Byrne wouldn't be... too bad, he might even work. But I couldn't help but put in a few words for my pick. I'm dying to read a script on this one. From what I've heard, they didn't have much of a relationship. Karloff was, from all accounts, a family man... whereas Lugosi led the more... shall we say... colorful life. Hmmm... curious as hell about this project.

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