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Does WORLD WAR Z Have Its DP?

Nordling here.

Bleeding Cool has a scoop about WORLD WAR Z that, if accurate, should get rid of some of the naysayers who complained, and rightfully so, that Marc Forster's QUANTUM OF SOLACE was too much shaky cam and not enough substance for its action scenes.

According to BC and his agency's resume, Oscar winner Robert Richardson will be shooting WORLD WAR Z.  Richardson is one of our best cameramen, having shot  films for Martin Scorsese (he just wrapped HUGO CABRET), Quentin Tarantino (KILL BILL, INGLOURIOUS BASTERDS), and Oliver Stone (JFK, NATURAL BORN KILLERS), among others.  No one could complain about his skills as a cinematographer - he shoots coherent action scenes, and has a real eye for color and lighting.  His roster includes some of the best shot films of this and last century.  If nothing else, an epic zombie film shot through Richardson's lenses should look amazing.  So that's one concern down, I think.

So it looks like WORLD WAR Z is really going to happen, and with a cinematographer of Richardson's caliber shooting it, it doesn't seem like we're going to get talking heads telling their personal stories in this one - at least, that won't be all we'll get, anyway.

Nordling, out.

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