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This is why I love Michael Shannon. See him talk about Zod!

Ahoy, squirts! Quint here. I'm a big, big fan of Zack Snyder casting Michael Shannon as Zod. Well, to be fair I'm a big fan of Michael Shannon being cast in any movie... the dude's one of my favorite working character actors, the rare guy who can be the best two minute walk-on performance in a giant movie or the one that carries from beginning to end. His lead performance in Take Shelter, which I saw at Sundance, is unbelievable. So good. But he's also the best part about Revolutionary Road.

Anyway, I'm excited. This dude is great, he's a great choice for a heavy in a Superman movie and now some video appeared online of him speaking about how he got Superman. Seems like a dude you could just shoot the shit with and he wouldn't be worried about dressing everything up politically if you know what I mean. Hope you guys enjoy this brief video of Michael Shannon discussing Man of Steel and Zod.



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