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Straight from Sylvester Stallone... WALTER HILL is directing HEADSHOT!

Hey folks, Harry here...   Last Friday, I got a surprise call from Sylvester Stallone to chat with me about Walter Hill.   I immediately did my geek duty to Walter Hill and sung his praises throughout the phone call, because...  just in case you forgot...  WALTER HILL is the MAN!   Not the oppressive MAN, but the MAN who gets cool shit done!   Well - I just got the following email from Stallone:


It's official. We've got Walter Hill on board so would love for you to let the world know. 
We've been on the same track since The Driver, then 48 Hrs didn't happen so here we are almost 35 years later, I'm finally driving with Walter Hill. 
First off - the cool thing about this note is the notion that Sly was up for both THE DRIVER and 48 HRS.   I happen to love both films - but I do have to say I'm wildly curious to dream of both with a Hill directed Sly in those years!   Kind of boggles the mind.
But this is a Cop & Hitman team-up pic.  Called HEADSHOT.   How good can that genre get?   Well, look no further than John Woo's amazing THE KILLER to just drool.   Here we're going to have Walter Hill doing classic action, crime, pulp material - with Stallone & most likely a younger co-star - but man with the pedigree at this point, if I were a badass actor, I'd be dying for that part.   Eh?  Who do you wanna see Sly kick ass with?
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