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Crazy Rumor of the Day: Arnold Schwarzenegger and Jee-Woon Kim to team for LAST STAND?!?

Ahoy, squirts! Quint here. Sometimes these crazy rumors are eye-rolling fanboy shit. PETER CULLEN AND BRUCE CAMPBELL TEAMING UP FOR ASH VS. THE DECEPTICONS!, stuff like that. This rumor could be as much bullshit, but holy shit does this bode well if it's even close to being reality.

I mean, I dug the 90s X-Men: The Animated Series look of THE GOVERNATOR, but other that it felt like a sad joke taken seriously. Next to Arnold announcing he's doing King Conan with John Milius a pairing like this gets me the most excited to see the man step back onto the silver screen.

The rumor is that he is replacing Liam Neeson in the next from I SAW THE DEVIL and THE GOOD, THE BAD AND THE WEIRD's Jee-woon Kim. Amazing, right? This rumor originated via a Polish movie site called FilmWeb, which claims to have a source in the foreign distribution company releasing the film.

A quick click on Google Chrome's translate feature describes Schwarzenegger as a border town sheriff as an escaped drug cartel big wig heads for Mexico.

This has not been confirmed and the idea of Schwarzenegger playing a border town sheriff with a staff of inexperienced deputies doesn't really fit, right? If it is true (and I still want it to be) they might have to alter the background of this lead character a bit, right?

But the thought of Schwarzenegger appearing in a crazy awesome drug movie directed by crazy awesome Korean director is... well, pretty crazy. And awesome.


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