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A retro X-MEN FIRST CLASS Opening Titles that we'll never see at the theater!

Hey folks, Harry here...

Sorry that the DVD Column isn't up today.   The YOUR HIGHNESS, KRULL & SWORD AND THE SORCERER event kept me up till 2am last night and this morning I'm off for more rehab.   I'm afraid I'm going to be a day late with the list - I just physically haven't had the opportunity to bang the column out.   But I will as soon as I can.

In the meanwhile, I found this fun little faux opening titles sequence for Matthew Vaughn's X-MEN: FIRST CLASS that's done in a kind of Saul Bassian manner...   In particular I love what they've done with the X-MEN theme...  pretty jazzy.   Here ya go...  enjoy...


X-Men: First Class Title Sequence from Joe D! on Vimeo.

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