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Gary Oldman speaks out about the "great script" for The Dark Knight Rises!

Ahoy, squirts! Quint here. Gotta hand it to the good folks at AbsoluteRadio in the UK. They've consistently been on the ball at these press lines (which are my own personal nightmare, which why I've only done one in my entire life) and somehow manage to be really pushy about getting news from the celebrities without being prickish about it.

Case in point, they recently interviewed Gary Oldman and got him to dance around the new Batman in a way that made little bits of info fall out of his pockets.

Check it out here:



So now we know that Commissioner Gordon and Bane have a lot to do together, that the story and script pass Oldman's muster, that the new movie goes "full circle" and that Nolan won't even print the ending to the script and will only tell his actors in person.

Very cool. Not that I'd expect Oldman to come out and say any project he's about to work on is shit, I also know that the dude isn't afraid to speak his mind, so I buy that he was genuinely blown away by the script.

Thanks to the folks at AbsoluteRadio who nabbed this bit of awesomesauce! What do you folks think?

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