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Two New Pre-Production Photos Of Peter Jackson's HOBBIT!

Nordling here.

After all the tumultuous events that kept this film from happening for the longest time, we're almost there - THE HOBBIT is about to start filming under the direction of Peter Jackson.  Although I'd have loved to seen what Guillermo Del Toro's HOBBIT would have looked like, I'm glad that PJ's going to finish what he started more than ten years ago.  I love how Bilbo's home looks in comparison to the later, adventure-and-Ring-obsessed Bilbo of the LOTR films.  Before his merry adventure, in case you've forgotten, Bilbo was like any other Hobbit - never late, meticulously neat, and not even thinking of adventure, and these pictures seem to reflect that.  Thanks to Peter Jackson and his Facebook page for these photos:

Peter's looking lean and mean.  He's got the eye of the tiger, in the parlance of Apollo Creed.  It looks like, as in the days of filming LOTR, he's got something to prove again, and I'm certain he's pulling out all the stops for these films.

Nordling, out.

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