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AICN Exclusive Premiere: THE FP - playing tonight at Alamo South!

Hey folks, Harry here...  still trashed from another really hard day, and one of the many films playing SXSW that I wish I was seeing is...  THE FP from the Trost Brothers.  This is a seemingly post-apocalyptic future world with underground...  well, you simply have to see the trailer.

I forgot to mention, we've been given the trailer tonight to premiere with enough time for you to possibly run down and see it, if you dare.  I've heard this is pretty damn funny - and the trailer is INSANE!  MAD MAX meets THE WIZARD.   Crazy man!

This is an AICN Premiere! And crazy films like these are the sorts we love to support! If you're dying to check the whole thing out, it's playing a midnight show at ALAMO SOUTH tonight! Apparently some of these haven't filled up, if you're able, you might want to check it out!

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