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PACIFIC RIM is not being turned into GODZILLA & is not writing Japan totally out!

Hey folks, Harry here...

On my twit-stream - MrDisgusting is reporting that LEGENDARY is twisting Guillermo Del Toro's arms to turn PACIFIC RIM into GODZILLA - and to write JAPAN totally out of the film.   This is wrong.  I know an awful lot about this project - but can not write openly about what I know, that said - this film will be international in scope.   People that claim otherwise are going off of an OCTOBER draft of the screenplay, which has changed quite a bit since then - completely unmotivated by the current disaster in JAPAN.   I've talked to a lot of folks that are working on this film and it will be a-fucking-mazing.   I reached out to a couple of sources just a while ago to run Bloody-Disgusting's story - and there was genuine disbelief.   No doubt, the rumor mill is cranking about this film, but it is moving full steam ahead!    And I couldn't be happier.   Knowing what this project is makes losing AT THE MOUNTAINS OF MADNESS at least tolerable.   


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