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David Slade to make a sequel to Fox's DAREDEVIL?

Hey folks, Harry here...

I liked Ben Affleck as Matt Murdock in the original DAREDEVIL film from Fox.   I was less enthused about Jennifer Garner's Elektra and Michael Clarke Duncan's Kingpin...   and the overall theatrical cut which was brutalized by Fox management, and the director's cut DVD actually shows a far better effort with DAREDEVIL - even if - casting decisions did cripple the film quite a bit, and some costume design issues - especially with Elektra were just woefully handled...   I did want it to continue.   I didn't feel it was a sink the ship and build anew bad.   I just thought they had a lot of ground to improve upon.   That said, they pretty much crapped on the best DAREDEVIL storyline that there was to play with - so what really did we have to look forward to?

Well, it looks like Fox is moving ahead with a new DAREDEVIL film with Hard Candy's DAVID SLADE directing.   Slade is a hard director to figure, he's been playing footsie with pulp and comic for a while now - being in talks on everything from a Justice League of America film to a science fiction ZORRO property to working on THE SHADOW for Sam Raimi to even talking about helming the latest WOLVERINE that went to Aronofsky.   

The word has it that this will not be an origin story, but be a continuation of the character, albeit most likely recast - personally, I'd like to see Affleck back.   The actor I saw in THE TOWN is greatly matured and ready for the real badass stuff that DAREDEVIL can bring us on screen.   So now that we don't have a writer attached - or an announced storyline - what would you like to see David Slade do with DAREDEVIL - and who is Matt Murdock?

Feel free to discuss endlessly...

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