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TRON: THE NEXT DAY! A Short Film That's A Bridge Between TRON And TRON: LEGACY!

Nordling here.

I didn't like TRON: LEGACY when I first saw it, but I might be turning around on that point.  While Harry was in the hospital I visited with him and we discussed TRON: LEGACY briefly and I talked about my disappointment in the film and what my expectations were.  But Harry explained his viewpoint on the film - that TRON: LEGACY was a bridge film from the original film to something new entirely, and in a way I can see his point.  I get the feeling that the real story of TRON hasn't started yet, and that LEGACY was a way to connect the original with an entirely new vision in the TRON Universe.  I still enjoy that Universe and I'll see the next film, if there is one.

But it looks like on the Blu-Ray we're going to get a bit more of that world than we saw in the theaters: TRON: THE NEXT DAY, which takes place soon after Flynn disappeared into the Grid.  And here it is, online!


FLYNN LIVES, indeed.  Hope you enjoyed that.

Nordling, out.

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