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Superman has a total MILF!!!

Hey folks, Harry here...

Wow.  There goes the tradition of casting matronly looking ladies as Martha Kent!  Warner Brothers issued a press release today stating that Oscar Nominee and just plain hottie, Diane Lane - has been cast as Martha Kent.   With the casting of Costner as Pa Kent and now Diane Lane as Ma Kent...   it seems pretty evident that Nolan's notion of SUPERMAN is to go back to the beginning - and do an origin story.   But also by casting Kevin and Diane as Clark's earthly adoptive parents - that may mean that unlike those evil bastards (Donner & team) they might not be whacking Pa Kent - and instead keeping Clark's earthly parents as characters that Clark can go to, to talk about things with.    THAT WOULD BE NICE!   It's a great death in the Reeve SUPES, but as someone phobic about Poppa Death - I never did like it.   I wanted more Earthly Corn-fed wisdom imparted upon the floaty boy from Krypton.   

Mean while...  check out Clark's mom....




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