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They've shot an AVENGERS trailer... oh and LATINO REVIEW claims to know the villains!!!

Hey folks, Harry here...  

I got word that MARVEL has shot a specific teaser trailer for THE AVENGERS - and that LOKI is featured in that teaser trailer.   Makes total sense.   I imagine that will either be on THOR or CAP...  or Both if they're smart...   But then...  our buddies over at LATINO REVIEW - Kellvin says that he's learned that Joss Whedon is going to be having Loki bring in The Skrulls.   

So - Let's see if I have this straight.   In like a year's time...   The man that gave us SERENITY - is going to bring a cosmic SKRULLian smackdown to Earth being fought off by the AVENGERS?   Jesus, we live in blessed times.   I mean, MARVEL is getting science fiction and fantasy...   This just delights me to no end.   I mean, this is amazing.   We're going to have things we never thought we'd see.   And I'll be walking into theater to see it!   Fucking Cool!

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