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Anne Hathaway Refers To Her DARK KNIGHT RISES Character As 'Catwoman'!!


Merrick here...

AICN readers Gilbert and capt.haddock are calling our attention to Anne Hathaway's recent discussion with Oprah, in which  Hathaway specifically indicates she has been cast as "Catwoman" in THE DARK KNIGHT RISES.

This is noteworthy because press releases for the film have, so far, only identified her character as Selina Kyle - we know this character as the person who becomes Catwoman (i.e. it would be feasible for Hathaway to appear in TDKR as Selina Kyle, but not necessarily as her Catwoman alter-ego - and the nature of Hathaway's role in the new picture hasn't been crystal clear to date).  

Here's video of Hathaway's reference - beginning with Oprah asking Anne about hosting the Oscars this year.  


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