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Dwayne McDuffie, the writer of animated ALL-STAR SUPERMAN has passed away...


Harry, the great writer Dwayne McDuffie has passed on.  You may use this obit I have written:
Dwayne McDuffie, the writer of the All-Star Superman animated adaptation and some of the greatest episodes of the Justice League Animated Series, has died.  He is a giant of superhero animation and a highly respected comic book writer, having written iconic characters at both DC and Marvel, including Superman, Justice League of America, and Fantastic Four.  McDuffie is the creator of the Milestone imprint which was published by DC in the 1990s.  Perhaps you know Milestone's most famous character, Static, who McDuffie brought to Warner Bros. animation in the popular animated superhero show, Static Shock.
Mr. McDuffie is a legend.  His writing for the Justice League animated series shall forever endure, inspiring generation upon generation.  How bittersweet that Mr. McDuffie's death coincided with the release of All-Star Superman, which has been lauded by numerous critics as the best DC animated feature yet.
Rest In Peace, Mr. McDuffie.  Your enormous talent and professionalism shall be missed.
The Krypton Kid
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