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Confirmed: D.J. Caruso To Direct PREACHER!

Beaks here...

Looks like Peter Sciretta's source was correct. D.J. Caruso, the sometimes-decent/sometimes-horrible company man behind THE SALTON SEA, DISTURBIA, TAKING LIVES, TWO FOR THE MONEY, EAGLE EYE and I AM NUMBER FOUR has announced via Twitter that he will direct the Neal Moritz-produced neutering of Garth Ennis's deliriously sacrilegious graphic novel PREACHER. And with that, I'm no longer looking forward to PREACHER.

Not that anyone who's read the comic ever was. There's just no way Ennis's unrepentantly profane tone could be served by a major studio production. I'm sure screenwriter John August - who penned the adaptation - did his best to retain some of the material's dangerousness, but the PREACHER I loved worked because it wasn't afraid of catapulting itself way over the line. Done right, PREACHER would be NC-17 - and that just ain't gonna happen.

But by all means start fantasy casting!

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