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Tom Hardy is interviewed in the UK and says... he's signed for more INCEPTION films...

Hey folks, Harry here...

With INCEPTION making over $800 million world wide... it would seem pretty inevitable that they would continue...  but I kind of hope that they wouldn't.   The story had a deliberate ending and its magic that it wove over the audience that fell gaga in love with it, might sour if it was additionally complicated.   BUT - if they are doing a sequel to CLASH OF THE TITANS remake... it'd seem like a no-brainer to do it with INCEPTION, but would Nolan do it?   Without him, there'd be no point.

Also - the news that Hardy will not be wearing the Gimp mask - and is going from 168lbs to 196lbs - and we suppose that would be pure muscle gain...   that's a pretty impressive difference.   Not a lot, but every tidbit is a tad juicy to mull over.



Hi Harry.

Hope you are feeling better mate

Tom hardy has just finished a tv interview on uk tv show Alan Carr chatty man. Not a great interview, but did give some nice little nuggets

Firstly he mentioned that he is signed for further inception movies. He was not sure if it would happen, but is signed up for it.

He also quickly talked about his role in the new batman movie. A picture was shown to the tv audience of Bain from the joel schumacher Batman and Robin. He made a point if saying Chris Nolans Bain would be a non-gimp mask wearing villain. He also mentioned he had 3 months to bulk up from is current frame of 12 stone to 14 stone to start filming in may.

As I said not much, but still interesting

Keep up the good work, from and old school reader


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