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Christopher McQuarrie to write Live Action STARBLAZERS movie! MAYBE NOT! Could be LUCASFILM!!!

Hey folks, Harry here

Just got back from 2 hours of work outs to a very trusted source that tells me that the rights on this are nowhere near resolved.   Skydance is hard at work negotiating to get the rights, but at the same time - so is LUCASFILM and others.  It seems people are finally waking up tot he inherent awesome that is STAR BLAZERS...  I could totally see Lucasfilm doing some amazing things with this too.   What do you folks think?


Hey folks, Harry here...

Ok - we've seen this announcement before here at AICN.   About a decade ago, Disney was looking to make a live-action STAR BLAZERS movie...  but they never really cracked it.   Now, the company that co-financed with Paramount, the Coen Brothers' TRUE GRIT, has optioned and making with Paramount a live action STAR BLAZERS film to be written by Christopher McQuarrie...  who has become a crazy busy screenwriter.   Personally, I wish they'd just hire him to direct it too, as his brand of swagger would go a long way towards making it kick ass.

My problem with an American version of STAR BLAZERS is that... frankly, the new live action SPACE BATTLESHIP YAMATO - is what I want to have distribution and to play in theaters in this country with subtitles.   I've heard again and again that it kicks untold ass.   That said, if done right - it could be amazing.   But it has to be done note perfect.   Mike Fleming over at Deadline broke the story...  but I just hope that it feels right.   

We're beginning to get to an age of film in the post AVATAR time period where the big ambitious science fiction fun stuff can be done.   Now if someone would just finance Fincher's HEAVY METAL project and GOON project - I would be a truly happy camper!

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