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The APOLLO 18 Trailer Is Up In Glorious Quicktime!

Nordling here.

Just sitting here listening to the new Radiohead when this popped up in my Twitter feed.  Very curious about this one, with Timur Bekmambetov producing and Gonzalo López-Gallego directing, this Found Footage movie is based on the premise - what if there was one more manned Apollo mission to the Moon and what happened on that fateful top secret journey?
You can download the exclusive iTunes/Quicktime trailer HERE

What did you think?  I know people seem tired of Found Footage movies by now, but I'm kind of a NASA junkie so I really liked this tease into some dark happenings on the Moon.  I'm sure our resident astronomer/film fan Copernicus will have an opinion or three on the film when it comes out.  Until then enjoy the trailer!
Nordling, out.





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