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Shane Black to direct IRON MAN 3


Nordling here.
You ranted, raved, and Talkbacked, and apparently Hollywood (or at least Marvel Studios) heard you, and so it is to be, according to Deadline: Shane Black will direct IRON MAN 3.  Apparently he is in final negotiations to take over the franchise, although it's not clear whether or not he will write the script.  I'm sure that he'll at least have some input on the story if he doesn't write the film outright.
Congratulations to Black.  If nothing else, his IRON MAN 3 will have some killer dialogue and he'll get another great performance out of Robert Downey Jr.  Now... Val Kilmer as Mandarin?
And to people reading the Talkbacks below... sorry we said fuck so much.
Nordling, out.
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