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Geeks of the World Win! ROBOCOP Statue in Detroit - Fully Financed!!!

Hey folks, Harry here...


Just got back from my first, very painful session in rehab, and it seems some anonymous donor plunked down $25,000.00 and now...  DETROIT is going to get its ROBOCOP statue!   This, frankly, rules!   

I'll keep you folks informed as to the progress of the ROBOCOP statue - and once it is erected, we'll get photos and let you know exactly how to visit it - and suggest themed notions as to how to act in its awe-inspiring presence.   Alex Murphy might have lost his family, but his spirit to serve and protect, to uphold the law...  it will be eternal.   He may be a fictional hero, but like so many fictional heroes - that does not diminish his ability to inspire and capture imaginations.

Personally - besides having my Uncle live in Detroit - I now totally have a reason to visit!   Can't wait!


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