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D.J. Caruso in Talks to Direct PREACHER?


Nordling here.
Our friends at Slashfilm put out a story yesterday that, dependent on the box office of I AM NUMBER FOUR, it's quite possible that D. J. Caruso may direct a film adaptation of Garth Ennis's comic series PREACHER.  PREACHER concerns one man angry at God for abandoning His creation, so he hits the road with a punker vampire and hitwoman/girlfriend to find Him. Along the way he gains the power of God's Voice, which commands those who hear it to do Preacher's bidding, no matter what.  The comic's ultraviolent, funny as hell, and the end is actually very powerful.  It's a really terrific comic and I'd imagine it would be very difficult to adapt.  It's going to offend someone, and it's supposed to.  It wouldn't work otherwise.
My review of I AM NUMBER FOUR will be out on Friday, so all I'll say is this - PREACHER has to be all or nothing.  It's irreverent but still pretty epic in scope and to use a trite expression, you can't cut corners.  PREACHER deals with subject matter that no matter how gracefully handled is bound to piss a large amount of people off.  But if a director is willing to risk it, they can create something special, thought-provoking, and with some truly great moments.  It won't be an easy job juggling all that.  If Caruso is in the running, I hope he's up to the controversial nature of the work, which for it to succeed can't be sugar-coated.  It's a mean and brutal story and it should stay that way.
Nordling, out.
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