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Blame This Movie On The Rain... The Milli Vanilli Story Coming To Theaters

Nordling here.
Oh, the late 80s, early 90s.  I'm not very nostalgic for the time, but apparently filmmakers are - not only are we getting the 1980s romantic comedy TAKE ME HOME TONIGHT (set in 1988) in a few weeks, word from Deadline is that the Kennedy/Marshall Company has hired German director Florian Gallenberger to write and direct the story of Milli Vanilli, lipsynchers extraordinaire, to theaters.
I'm not familiar with Gallenberger's work - he won an Academy Award for his live-action short "Quiero Ser" and directed Steve Buscemi in a film called JOHN RABE that was well received in Europe.  I'm not sure why the Kennedy/Marshall Company, co-producer Jeff Nathanson, or Gallenburger thought this particular story was compelling, but they've commissioned a script to be written immediately.
Their music wasn't my thing, but I imagine they probably see some tragic aspect in the story that might make for a good film.  The events surrounding the lipsynching controversy seem more farce than tragedy, but considering the state of modern pop music these days maybe the story of Rob Pilatus and Fabrice Morvan can serve as a cautionary tale.  Certainly what happened to Pilatus is tragic.  The fact that they have the cooperation of Morvan and Pilatuss estate may mean some sugar-coating of the real story will take place, or the film may turn out to be something brutally honest and relevant.  There's some really good musical biopics out there, and this story could be more interesting than most.
Nordling, out.
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