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See Cool Footage Showing Alien FX Work On THE ABYSS!! Plus Suit Video From Tim Burton's Defunct SUPERMAN Movie!!


Merrick here...


i09 has an interesting clip showing FX work being done for James Camerson's THE ABYSS - specifically,  FX for those glowy fishoid Klaatu guys.  

The clip comes from a series of DVDs documenting Johnson's amazing film career.  Other discs include FRIGHT NIGHT, HULK, GHOSTBUSTERS, BICENTENNIAL MAN, and those bizarre/compelling suit designs from Tim Burton's aborted SUPERMAN project.  





For clarity, those SUPERMAN vids have been in circulation for a bit of time now - just mentioning them here as we're discussing Johnson.  

The entire DVD line-up can be found HERE - THE ABYSS-specific clip mentioned above is over at i09 (HERE).  These DVDs seem really interesting - I'm hory to check 'em out...


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