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Titan's ART OF SUCKER PUNCH Book Is Now Available For Pre-Order!! Nab A Cool Limited Edition, Zack Snyder Signed Copy Before They're Gone!!



Merrick here...

We hope to bring you a more extensive preview of this title in the coming days, but since one of the variants being released is a limited edition and is now going up for pre-order, we wanted to go ahead and give you a heads up about it immediately.  

The fine folks over at Titan Books are getting ready to issue THE ART OF SUCKER PUNCH. Titans' previous "Art of..."/"Making of..." books have been consistently good-to-excellent -  I'm guessing they'll knock it out of the park when chronicling a movie that's as visually rich as SP seems to be.  

A press release describes THE ART OF SUCKER PUNCH thusly...

"a personal journey through the many worlds and memorable characters of the film, offering a unique insider's look at amazing concept and design art, as well as a wealth of stunning on-set photography by world-renowned Clay Enos (Watchmen: Portraits).

The standard version of the book can be pre-ordered HERE.  

However, please note that this very nice limited edition is also available...



It's a " numbered run of only 750 copies..." and is "...presented in an exclusive slipcase, and signed, on a special tipped-in sheet, by Snyder himself!" "Each Limited Edition will also boast its own breathtaking exclusive giclee print, created and signed by Alex Pardee, the acclaimed artist who has brought his unique style to the film."  

This iteration of the book is also  pre-orderable, and can be found HERE.  Please note that, because of the limited run (750 copies), supplies of these will likely dwindle quickly.  So it's best to move fast if you're wanting to snag one of these  fancy, awesome-sounding versions.  

Stay tuned for more about THE ART OF SUCKER PUNCH in the very near future...



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