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Here are the lucky 14 from THE HOBBIT!!! NOW With Video!!!

So Weta just sent all their subscribers an email with a link to the video introducing of their cast and here's the Weta page where you can read their story and photos concerning it all!!!

Hey folks, Harry here...  with this bit from New Zealand...   This picture represents one Hobbit and 13 Dwarves...   and boy, I can't wait for the first press release image of them all in costume on a set...  posed around some stone trolls.   Right?
Hey Harry, 
Just a small bit of news from New Zealand A.K.A Middle Earth. The cast of The Hobbit did their first public appearance/short news conference today in Wellington. Peter Jackson was absent though as he was in "house arrest" recovering from his ulcer surgery. Here's the link to the story with a photo of the cast (Bilbo and the dwarfs) from the local news site. 
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