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X-MEN FIRST CLASS Trailer is up!!!

Hey folks, Harry here


Alright - now that I've watched it a dozen times with earbuds in...  and after a wonderful debate on the kind of useless nature of Yoda - and how his arrogance pushed Anakin to the darkside, followed by a wonderful Health Care discussion with my Doctor...   I can now chime in on this trailer...

I like it.   This is the teaser trailer.   It is meant to convey setting and tone primarily - and in this case the setting is the past - and the tone is tension.   It does both of those things very nicely.  I find myself wanting more dialogue, wanting to see Kevin Bacon's Sebastian Shaw doing something awesome with a laced shirt ripped open and a heaving sweaty hairy chest.   But that's because I'm a bit of a fetishist when it comes to Shaw.   Perhaps my personal favorite character in the history of X-MEN comics.   Along with Nightcrawler and Cyclops and Colossus.      

But I'm absolutely on board for this.   I'm curious to see the "true" story of the Cuban Missile Crisis that involved Mutants and that beautiful classic Blackbird!   I'm still annoyed at the Diamond thing with Emma Frost, simply because that's not the version of her that I'm familiar with, but I have to say - she looks WAY better than the version in WOLVERINE.   I'm just hoping for a good deal of sadism from her.   

I love the look of it all though.   Really do.   This could be very damn cool.   And most likely, with Matthew Vaughn at the helm... will be!






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