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Hey folks, Harry here. I just finished reading a script that was picked up by Columbia in the last couple of weeks titled, SHERLOCK HOLMES AND THE VENGENCE OF DRACULA.

I took it as a direct challenge to beat Moriarty to acquiring this script. Luckily, my Boy Commandos reached it before his cadre of henchmen and underlings. You see... I was sure that if he saw it first, he'd bellyache about the absence of Moriarty in the film... and how Holmes steals all the limelight. But... As it turns out... I had nothing to fear at all.

You see... Not only did I get it before him, but I can settle his nerves. James.... Moriarty... You have nothing to worry about. Not only is our own Moriarty in SHERLOCK HOLMES AND THE VENGENCE OF DRACULA, but he kicks major ass in it.

First off folks, this screenplay by Michael B Valle is so much more than some cheap run of the mill hack job. First off, it takes place in 1891 Victorian England. That fictional time period during which, both Holmes and Dracula wandered the foggy cobblestone gaslit streets of London. To give you just a quick rundown on the premise... I'll begin...

The film takes place time wise after the alleged destruction of Dracula in Stoker's novel, but before Holmes and Moriarty plummetted into that Waterfall together. As for the minor note about the fact that Van Helsing, Seward, Harker and crew had staked ol Vlad... well, they did do that, but they neglected to cut his head off... the final part involved in killing a vampire. You stake em.... cut off the head and bury it in a different place... It took Drac a good year or so to regain full strength, and he's back to London to seek his revenge on that band of blood bags that dared to try to smite our fair lord of the night.

Holmes of course ends up being involved in solving one of the murders that was made to look like a suicide, and takes on a case that tests the very fabric of all he holds holy... Science, Logic and Deduction. Afterall... when a master of logic faces the fantastical... he is ill prepared.

The script makes use of just about all living members of the Holmes world and surviving members of Bram Stoker's Novel. What is nice is that Holmes is the Conan Doyle 'Holmes'. He's not really fond of women. He can't stand incompetence or dullards. He likes to shock people with his seemingly magical prowess of deduction. And a good mystery is a most excellent and urgent game to go afoot.

Watson is not an incompetent lumbering fool. Often times he's having to make Holmes' excuses for his odd behavior. He's Sherlock's close friend, chronicler and cohort in adventure. He is not as astute as Holmes, but he's all the more human for that.

Dracula... well he's fantastic. He loathes crypts and basements. He longs for the days when he ruled over thousands... lived the life of a king. He tires of cobwebs and laying in dirt... But it is his existence. He's bloodthirsty as usual, and the descriptions in the script of his lettings, make this sound like it would be quite a grand R-rated film. Dracula is able to do all of the Dracula tricks, and he's awesome. Noble and entrancing.... a monster.

Moriarty... My good friend is indeed in his underground lair. Has his army of henchmen, network of pnuematic tubes... He's a mathmatical genius who can not plan for the random variable that is Sherlock Holmes. I do not believe that a finer portrayal of Moriarty has been written for film to this day. In this script, he is everybit Holmes' chess partner. He has the black pieces... Holmes the white ones. As a result... I'm dying to see this movie done justice.

There are many twists and turns and is wonderfully complex and adventurous. Best of all... it's a new Sherlock Holmes and Moriarty story that does not even begin to suck. Every character is true to their respective roots and aware of what came before... but not after. That's splendid.

Moriarty must read this baby, he's going to get the big ol swelled head when he reads about how Moriarty... well... I've said too much. Word has it that Chris Columbus was looking at this project pretty hot and heavy, except he might be headed towards SPIDER-MAN... as that is the latest word I am hearing. Though Variety seems to think that Fincher is in the lead. We'll see. Personally, after BICENTENNIAL MAN I'd be happy if either Fincher or Columbus gets it. As for this project.... personally I'd love it if ol Guillermo Del Toro did it. He hasn't read it yet, but I know he'd dig the hell out of this thing. But... he's going to be HELLBOY if the gods will it. Oh well... time to sleep.. the sun is up and I dare not let it's rays fall upon my skin.


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