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Here's a great idea, let's have the TWILIGHT screenwriter do a HIGHLANDER movie!

Nordling here.


I'm pretty sick of remakes myself, but in the end it really depends on the project.  Some remakes are more welcomed by me than others.  For years I've always thought that HIGHLANDER, done right and with a sizable budget, could be terrific.  That feeling just increased after the LORD OF THE RINGS films and I can just imagine an epic-sized story with Connor MacLeod, Ramirez, the Kurgan, and the Quickening.  None of that HIGHLANDER 2 Zeist bullshit either.  Swords, dark magic, immortals, huge battles, and warriors from all over the planet meeting for one final battle in the streets of Los Angeles.  I still love Russell Mulcahy's original film even if I can see it strain against the limitations of its budget and unfortunate lack of scale.  Of all those 1980s films, HIGHLANDER is most ripe for a remake.
Now it looks as if Summit Entertainment, who has the rights to the remake, has hired their screenwriter for the project - Melissa Rosenberg, screenwriter for the TWILIGHT series, according to Hollywood Reporter, which immediately causes some serious concern.  I don't want to disparage anyone, but HIGHLANDER ain't TWILIGHT. We don't need another brooding immortal pining for his mortality, unable to fall in love, blah blah blah.  Connor's a doer, not a moper. There's yearning in the story to be sure, but Connor's character doesn't let it cripple him.  I can see all the angles from here, and a PG-13 HIGHLANDER on the horizon, with no beheadings, no brutal Kurgan, stretching out a story to fit a franchise and basically killing the golden goose.  Sorry to be so negative.  I know HIGHLANDER's a flawed as hell film but it's got a good heart.  I'd hate to see it turn into some kind of limp watered-down movie.  HIGHLANDER's got roughness around the edges - it's unapologetic pulp.  A good director who recognizes this can play to its strengths and make a rousing, fun movie.
I implore Rosenberg to not play up the romance at the expense of the story or the action.  HIGHLANDER, while maybe not a sacred cow, is still one of those movies that has a great concept that when executed properly can be seriously entertaining.  Hopefully producers Neil Moritz and Neil Davis can see that potential and make something happen.  Here's hoping.
Nordling, out.
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