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A whole lot of crazy joins the latest Chuck "Fight Club" Palahniuk adaptation SNUFF!

Ahoy, squirts! Quint here. Snuff is one fucked up book. I'm not even being facetious. Fucked up might as well be the UK title of the book.



It's essentially a lovely family tale about an aging porn star that wants to go out on a world record by having her last video be a 600 person gang bang. The book is told from many points of view, typically from many of the 600 people in the waiting area getting ready to have their moment of fame. We know these men by their numbers ("Mr. 600" etc) and through them we get a harsh view of what personal damages, flaws and strengths go into the fabric of the porn industry.

Palahniuk wrote on his blog today that he's received word from the director of the film adaption (a man by the name of Fabien Martorell) that they've cast their first three actors. Playing Cassie Wright, the porn queen, is Daryl Hannah. Playing Mr. 600, the man who brought Cassie into the porn industry decades before, is Tom Sizemore (what great casting there) and playing a young "talent wrangler" named Sheila is Thora Birch.

I've only read the book once, but it has stuck with me. This could be a very down and dirty Paul Schraderish "I need a shower after watching" kind of flick, with a great off kilter cast perfect for Palahniuk's twisted outlook. Thoughts?

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