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Why this SUPER BOWL will be Super? Captain America TV Spot! I'm dying!

Hey folks, Harry Here...

I'm dying to see the upcoming CAPTAIN AMERICA tv spot that will run during the SUPER BOWL, according to USA TODAY.   That Joe Johnston is giddy about the film, well, Joe doesn't get that way.  He's genuinely excited about this film.   That's excellent.   It means his fetishry has been met, and Joe's fetishry is extremely geek friendly.

We're also going to be seeing the CAPTAIN AMERICA one sheet this Friday!  

And the official rush to the film begins.  I find myself dying to see real footage.  The stills, shots from set, the pre-production art...  all of it has just been exciting.  To see a real CAPTAIN AMERICA movie - mostly set in WWII - has been a life long dream.  This could be magical if done right.   So much will be determined by Chris Evans' performance.  It'll either instantly be wrong - or note perfect.   We each individually have a Captain America in our heads...   for me, I believe I've always thought of the voice of Captain America as Gregory Peck from GUNS OF NAVARONE.   I'm not expecting that from Chris Evans...  but his voice should be...  reassuring.   Calming in crisis.   He's a man with heart and pure bravery.   The biggest Eagle Scout ever.   And if I get even a hint of any of that - I'll be an insufferable super freak until I see the film.   

3 days ago, one of the awesome assistants in Rehab - who is a total geek, who really wants a great DRAGONBALL Z movie someday...  he's Freddy...   He asked me when we were going to get a look at CAPTAIN AMERICA - and I said, if they're smart at all, it'll be during the SUPER BOWL.   

I suppose my fondest wish would actually be for the trailer to be a WWII recruitment ad, using footage from the CAPTAIN AMERICA film...  but then I'm a crazy geek that lives in a pretend universe that caters to my every whim.    Just as I would hope that the poster would be a WWII propaganda poster, done in Stone Lithography.   But again...  I have that pretend universe I live in.   And there, I see the dream perfectly.

Still, I'm excited.   The people that have seen both upcoming items were very excited about them.   They couldn't go into detail, but I can't wait.   How about you?

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