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UPDATE!! Is Jessica Biel A Frontrunner To Play Snyder's Lois Lane??

Merrick again...

Received an e-mail overnight  - its sender details sighting Zack Snyder and Jessica Biel heading into a sit down meal at a restaurant I won't specify herein (the sender did tell me the name of the place, how he/she chanced across them, and said he/she spotted director and actress yesterday - Tuesday).  

Ironically, the sender said he/she recognized Zack instantly but took a few moments to track on Ms. Biel.  Definitive proof that she'll be Lois Lane?  Not even close, but an interesting (possibly corroborating?) development none the less.  

More as we know more...




Merrick here...


THIS piece at What'sPlaying reveals the names they've heard to be orbiting the Lois Lane role in Zack Snyder's new SUPERMAN movie (starring Henry Cavill as Clark Kent/Superman).  

Said to be among the contenders...

Rachel McAdams...who was previously connected to Nolan's THE DARK KNIGHT RISES.  This could make some sense given that Cavill's orbiting of Nolan's BATMAN BEGINS purportedly placed him on Nolan's radar - thus helping him (eventually) land the title role in this Nolan-produced SUPERMAN gig.  Perhaps a similar pattern will unfold with McAdams?  

Dianna Agron, from Television GLEE.  

Malin Akerman, who played Laurie Jupiter/Slik Spectre II in Snyder's WATCHMEN.  The site conjectures she may be too old to play against Cavill's younger Kent/Supes.  Personally, I don't see that the age differential would be all that big a factor - or be particularly difficult to work around.  Although, not sure if she's bring the right "vibe" to the role.  

TWILIGHT's Kristen Stewart.  Not seeing how this would work.  Lois, as a character and personality, needs to be at least somewhat awake.  

And...the actress the site says may well have the inside track on becoming the new Lois Lane?  Jessica Biel.  

Again, this is all per What'sPlaying - it'll be fun and interesting to see how accurate such insight and forecasts are.  Click HERE for a bit more on the matter.  


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