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GREEN HORNET Contest Winners!!!


Hey folks, Harry here...

Alrighty...  Got about 30 or so entries, many forgot the purpose of the strip was to have the vintage GREEN HORNET & KATO meet the new GREEN HORNET & KATO - and were just...  well plays on GREEN WHORENET and the like.   They were fun, and there was one that I liked quite a bit, but I stuck to the contest confines.   And these were the 5 best.   The prize packs were provided by the rather awesome FactoryEntStore.Com - You should check them out, they have a lot more than GREEN HORNET stuff, in particular, their original Bela Lugosi DRACULA ring, the Richard Kiel JAWS teeth from SPY WHO LOVED ME & MOONRAKER - and a host of other items are... well, really damn cool!   But this is what these winners are getting:


1 Stealth Mode Black Beauty car

1 Black Beauty Fire Power car


1 Black Beauty Rolling Arsenal 

1 Green Hornet Money Clip

1 Set of Green Hornet Cuff Links

1 Great Green Hornet Action Figure

1 Great KATO Action Figure!!!


Now - for the winners.   

First, we have the very first Comic Strip that was submitted from Timothy Lim & Mark Pellegrini of Little Rock, Arkansas...   I really like their style - and it's good stuff:

Next we have this rather morbid take on the strip, by Mike Carey of Peabody, Maine.   That one thought baloon is so wrong...
Here's a less comic-y - but I really like...   J Lublinkhof  of Charlotte, North Carolina...
Next is Josh Hicks of Maesycwmmer, Wales, United Kingdom...   No color, but a bit underground...
Last, we have this rather awesome one from Christopher Jones of Minneapolis, MN!   Here it is:
Congrats to the winners - we'll be getting your packages out to you as soon as we can!   
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