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Still more THE DARK TOWER updates, including news on shooting schedule, Game component, and release date!!!

Hey everyone. Capone in Chicago here, with yet another update to yesterday's update on THE DARK TOWER.

A source with verifiable inside info on THE DARK TOWER project sent me these handy tidbits:

Hey, Capone. There are genuine plans for a May 13th, 2013, release theatrical, with T.V. hours to follow. [However,] there is no green light in place yet, as the scripts are not done, which means the budgets are not done, but Universal is giving very strong support. There's also a very ambitious Game component being planned that will further utilize elements from the books. [If everything continues on schedule and the budget is approved], it looks like things are coming together for a late-summer or early-September start. Call me Eddie Dean.

Thanks, Eddie. Let me just wrap my brain around the fact that I'm on the brink of living in a world where feature film versions of THE HOBBIT and THE DARK TOWER will be shooting at the same time. *CRRRAAAACKKKK!!!*  And, that was the sound of my brain splitting in two.


I also really love the idea that possible THE DARK TOWER game(s) would factor in more of this fully-loaded mythology and story. My hope for this project is growing like a rose in a vacant lot. What does everyone think?

-- Capone
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