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UPDATED: Michael Fassbender joins Ridley! PROMETHEUS vs JOHN CARTER OF MARS: Who Flinched?

Hey folks, Harry here...   With an update regarding Ridley Scott's PROMETHEUS - According to VARIETY, Michael Fassbender is in the midst of negotiations to star opposite Noomi in PROMETHEUS. Fox is obviously high on Michael after seeing his work as Magneto in the upcoming X-MEN: FIRST CLASS - and I wouldn't doubt it.   Folks following Fassbender, haven't been able to shake the fact that he's just a brilliant actor, but we'll see if he's a god soon enough.   PROMETHEUS is really going to be something special I think!

Nordling here.
Ridley Scott's PROMETHEUS was originally scheduled to be released on March 9, 2012, against Pixar's first live-action film, JOHN CARTER OF MARS.  There was no way two highly anticipated science fiction films would stay on the same date and split their audience like that (like geeks can't see more than one movie a weekend) so someone was going to move eventually.
Well, looks like it was Scott and Fox that flinched, moving PROMETHEUS to the June 8th, 2012 spot (ironically the day that JOHN CARTER OF MARS was originally going to be released on,according to Deadline), and CARTER will stay on the March date.  Is it just me, or is March the new May when it comes to movie release dates?  Or is it the month where new properties not based on guaranteed sequels open?  Lots of original sci-fi and fantasy films coming this March, and 2012 doesn't look like it's bucking the trend.
Also according to the same Deadline article, the new Studio Ghibli film ARRIETTY (based on the children's novel THE BORROWERS) has it's Stateside release date on February 17, 2012, with no voice cast announced yet.  At this point, quality wise, Disney looks to have some phenomenal films coming next year, at least we can hope.  And of course we're all looking forward to PROMETHEUS.
Nordling, out.
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