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AICN debuts Mondo's Hellboy poster, the newest in their Guillermo del Toro Director's Series!

Ahoy, squirts! Quint here taking a break from the snow, writing, line-waiting and general activities that keep me from ever sleeping (thanks, Sundance!) in order to give you guys the debut of the newest Mondo poster.

Mondo has been doing a Director’s Series focused on Guillermo del Toro’s movies. They’ve already done Blade II and now they have two Hellboy posters up for sale this Friday (1/28) at their website.

I’m featuring both below, but the first look is for Florian Bertmer’s Hellboy poster. Hellboy 2 is by Ken Taylor.









Cool, right? Ken Taylor’s Hellboy II poster is a run of 360 prints and Florian Bertmer’s Hellboy is a little more restricted at only 240 prints. They’re both 24X36 and will run you $45 apiece.

Be sure to follow Mondo on Twitter to get a heads up on the exact time the posters go on sale this Friday!

Now back to the Sundance grindstone! Work-work-work!

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