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James Wan wants you to check out something... INSIDIOUS!!!

Hey folks, Harry here...   watching movies on TCM, awaiting my portable Blu-Ray player's arrival...  and I have to tell ya.   I love watching TCM.   Tonight has been JASON & THE ARGONAUTS, SCARAMOUCHE and THE SEA HAWK is playing now...   Just awesome.

While recuperating, listening to the adorable snores of George, my 94 year old roommate, whom I discuss watching movies in the 30s and 40s with...  with a great deal of envy I might add.   I check my email and see if there's anything that I can bring you good folks that might be of interest.

Now - you know who James Wan is, right?  He's most widely known for creating the crazy successful SAW franchise...   Well, other than being FACEBOOK friends, we've never really communicated, but tonight - he wrote me saying he was "very excited about INSIDIOUS coming out, and wanted to share with you the very first piece of marketing for the film"  A YouTube Teaser trailer meant to "whet" the appetite.   

So, here ya go - INSIDIOUS looks very interesting.   What do you think?

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