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TRON 3 teaser trailer to be included on TRON & TRON LEGACY Blu-Rays?

Hey folks, Harry here - just got a link to TRON SECTOR's break about a TRON 3 teaser trailer on both the upcoming TRON Blu-Ray and it's distant sequel, TRON LEGACY Blu Ray - later this year.   Hmmm...  So does that confirm a Green Light?   Nah, not in my mind.   That comes with a formal announcement from DISNEY - and even then, until we see it crewing up, I just dare not dream that hard.   I just hope that 1, TRON SECTOR's source on this is solid.   And secondly, that TRON 3 truly sets loose the imagination!  But this is another possible clu, that it is on the way!

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