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First, The Mayans told us, then Roland Emmerich... now Seth Rogen says George Lucas says the world will end in 2012!

Hey folks, Harry here...  getting ready to sleep, I've got an early morning evaluation with my physical therapists & rehab folks - and besides, I'm tired.

But before I go to sleep there's one, skull scratcher, that I have to share with y'all.   At this link you'll find a Toronto Sun story that is reporting upon a Seth Rogen story, that George Lucas apparently told him, while he was meeting with George & Spielberg.  2012 is the end.   

Great, so George is telling me I'm about to bust my ass for one last year of WALKING the Earth before it goes boom?   Well, at least my DNA is on the International Space Station...   That way the seeds of future humanity can be seeded with my awesome mutant genes!   I wonder if my film knowledge is genetic.   

So, if it really is the end of the world in 2012...  what movie must be made and released that you must see before it all goes boom?

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