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Exclusive: X-MEN: FIRST CLASS teaser poster! Plus Harry's a mutant other than the Blob?


Hey folks, Harry here...  yesterday I discovered I was a mutant.   My doctors came in and told me that apparently, I'm some sort of medical miracle, that according to my MRI - I should've been a full paraplegic beginning 8 years ago. But - I was still able to walk on my feet with crutches as little as 5 days ago.   They also discovered that my brain, which they were monitoring throughout the surgery and other tests I've gone through, that apparently I'm using 20% - 30% of my brain.   Apparently somehow this allowed me to continue to move and walk, despite the fact that my Spine was terribly damaged.  I'm also apparently healing and reacting faster than should be happening from the surgery.   So yeah, I'm being studied.

I got moved to REHAB today - and have been meeting with my rehab team of nurses today and what an awesome group of people, when... BRYAN SINGER called and we discussed my new found mutant-ness -  and said apparently I have a power that was beyond even Professor Xavier.  I then sent the mental suggestion that he give me the new advanced poster of X-MEN: FIRST CLASS!  (actually that's why he was calling in the first place.)

Bryan is quite enthused about the film thus far, but frankly wanted to talk more about my back and his back injuries and John Ottman's too.    I also found out my same surgeon is who gave KERRY CONRAN the ability to walk, two years before SKY CAPTAIN AND THE WORLD OF TOMORROW!   Damn...  Seems like a lot of spinals out there.   

My god, my nurse was just in here - their cel phone goes off...  it's Bernard Herrmann's TWISTED NERVE theme - aka Daryl Hannah's Nurse theme from KILL BILL.

Sorry.   That was too funny not to mention.   

Bryan is getting ready to begin shooting his next film shortly, we're working on getting all the cool details on that...  

Meanwhile, here's the poster.   Like all the X-MEN films it evokes that steel-y look.   Bryan tells me that he's seen a mock up for the trailer, but they've still got a ton of visual effects shots left to slug into the thing.   So, till then, here ya go...







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