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The RED Sequel Gets Writers

Merrick here...

We recently got word (more like a confirmation, really) that Bruce Willis looks to be a part of THE EXPENDABLES sequel (HERE).  Now comes word that another recent Willis success is targeting a follow-up as well.  

Collider says that Summit Entertainment has hired Jon and Erich Hoeber, writers of RED, to draft a sequel for that film (which itself was based on a graphic novel by Warren Ellis and Cully Hamner).  As Collider properly notes, hiring someone to write a script is a long way to putting a full-fledged production into motion, but it's a meaningful first step.

RED grossed north of $164 million globally off of an approximately $60 million budget (it may actually have been a little more, or a bit less, depending on who you listen to) - not counting whatever it'll pull down on Blu-Ray and DVD when it hits home video next week. 

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