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So... Organic Or Mechanical?

Nordling here.

At the Golden Globes, it looks like MTV cornered Emma Stone and put to her the question that's been raging all over geek movie sites for days now... are we going for the Raimi-style organic webshooters for Andrew Garfield's Spider-Man or are we going with the tried and true mechanical from the Spidey comics of our youth?  Her answer is surprising:
A device, huh?  Does that mean he makes the shooters or that the shooters are devices that work with his organic shooters?  And why should we care?
I'm in the organic school myself - I understand, yeah, we want to show off Peter Parker's brains - but I never really bought in the books that this kid created this wonder epoxy that could have legitimately made him a millionaire just to fight crime.  You know, he could donate that money to charity and fulfill his Uncle's credo "With great power comes great responsibility" by helping out starving kids or something.  But either way I'm cool with it.
I'm pretty thrilled about Marc Webb's reboot now, actually.  I think that Andrew Garfield suit pic went a long way to relieving a lot of fans' doubts for this film, and considering that they probably needed to recast anyway they may as well just start over.  As long as the origin's quick and early and gets us into the action that much sooner I'm good with it.  I'm on record as really loving (500) DAYS OF SUMMER, precious at times it may be, so I think he's a good director for this.  But if they're in high school it'll take a leap of sorts for me to imagine Garfield in that role considering his Eduardo Saverin in THE SOCIAL NETWORK.
I'm sure the debate will continue to rage on about the webshooters, and hey, who am I to stand in the way of arguments on the Internet? Knives out, fellow geeks, knives out.
Nordling, out.
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