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Arnold Schwarzeneggar reading 3 scripts right now, including WITH WINGS AS EAGLES!!!

Hey folks, Harry here...   yeah, this is kinda awesome if it comes to pass...   Apparently Arnold has reported that he's currently reading 3 scripts including one of my old favorites from Arnie's unmade past.    For me, there are two films that I would kill to see Arnold make.   1) is CRUSADE with Paul Verhoeven.   Then the one that he says he's reading and particularly fond of... is WITH WINGS AS EAGLES!   This could be a great film for Arnold. Wallace's script is awesome.   I'm a little concerned that Arnold may feel that CRUSADE is now out of his age range, if that is the case, I'd love to see him produce that film, so it gets made (Arnie owns the Script).   But WITH WINGS AS EAGLES gets to show off Arnold's ability with multiple languages, and really feels like a classic WWII flick.   This is very good news...






Hi Harry,


Schwarzenegger said he's looking at 3 movie scripts now with one of them being with Wings as Eagles!!! Wow, Arnold has teased fans for 10 years on that one. At last this WW2 film may come our way!


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